Howdy Ho!

Hello again, everyone!

Isn’t Ralfie cute? He just got his hair cut again a couple weeks ago. He loves his bandana and enjoys going for walks around the neighborhood every night. He also knows what ‘go for a ride’ means now and is very proud that he can jump in the car by himself. They grow up so fast! Ha ha. And what have the kitties been up to? Well, lets take a look….

Charlie is hoping, wishing, and waiting patiently for the elusive Spring weather. We get 1 to 2 days of great weather, then it snows again. Charlie loves to be outside when it’s warm and he’s made a few friends (neighborhood cats that wait for him to come outside). I didn’t know cats had playdates!

Ralfie is trying to increase his function as a vacuum in the kitchen. He waits patiently while anyone is fixing anything, just hoping something good will fall while he’s paying attention. Good dog! This is also his ‘I want a treat’ face.

We recently recovered our orange dining room chairs with a pretty green fabric that matches the dining room rug nicely. Mocha loves to sit on one of the cushy chairs to take a nap in the sun. She can’t wait for Spring to be here either.

In fact, she thinks she’s ready to go on a vacation. We got the kitty carrier out to take Charlie to the vet and found Mocha chilling out in it. She likes to be in enclosed spaces– closets, cupboards, boxes, etc.

Remember that crazy Idaho weather I’ve been telling you about? Well, on Monday it was 70°F outside. This is what it looked like yesterday morning:

Yes, my poor baby Maple trees are covered in snow. Good thing it didn’t stick! Here’s hoping for more nice weather for all of us. TTFN!


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