Something’s Brewing! Homemade Vanilla Extract

I had vanilla beans.  Lots of vanilla beans.  And no time to make pastry cream.  Oh well.  Might as well put them to good use!

Fresh vanilla beans are expensive– but the flavor is absolutely magical.  Those tiny little black seeds explode with aromatic comfort. 

Do you know how easy it is to make your own vanilla extract?  And did you know that the homemade version will taste about 100 times better than the little bottle with the red lid?  Oh yes, it will. 

Vanilla Extract
1/5th bottle of Vodka or Rum (get one that is mid-range)
2-3 vanilla beans
1.  Pour off about a half cup of the liquor (or drink it).
2.  Split the vanilla beans lengthwise, then scrape all the seeds out with the blade at the tip of your knife.
3.  Put vanilla seeds and pods in the liquor.
4.  Let sit in a cool dark place for 3 to 4 months.
Should be heavenly just in time for fall goodies!

After just one week, the liquor is starting to darken.  You know its ready when it is a deep dark brown color and smells like vanilla when you open the bottle and take a tiny whiff.


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