Merry Rein-beers!

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This idea came from Pinterest.  I saw it and I HAD to make them for my boss’ Christmas party.  They are SO CUTE!!  I think using white M&Ms with a sharpie kinda makes them look like Homer Simpson.  Don’t you?

Merry Reinbeers can be made non-alcoholic.  Just use bottled root beer instead!

Merry Rein-beers

  • Six pack of bottled root beer or beer
  • 12 pipecleaners (can use holiday colors or brown)
  • 12 white m&ms or googly eyes
  • 6 red m&ms or small pom-poms
  • Glue gun

1.  If using M&Ms, draw a black dot in the middle with a sharpie.  Allow to dry completely so the dot doesn’t smudge.

2.  Apply the eyes and nose to the top of the bottles using a small dot of glue for each.

3.  Carefully twist one pipe cleaner around the top of the beer bottle in the groove just below the cap.  Cut the second pipe cleaner in pieces and twist around the ends of the main pipe cleaner to resemble antlers.



One response to “Merry Rein-beers!

  1. Hah, seriously? That’s rediculous. No way

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