Being a Food Scientist is cool…

Those of you who have read the ‘About Me’ page know I am a Food Scientist/Technologist.  I work in product development for one of the largest food companies in the U.S.  I work in product development, which means I develop new products that are safe and healthy.  Pretty cool, huh?

Food Science is not just one scientific discipline.  It encompasses chemistry, microbiology, physics, etc.  I had no idea Food Science existed until I was a senior in college with a Chemistry major.  I was lucky enough to get into grad school on a full scholarship, meaning that I was paid to get my Master’s degree.    And now I have my dream job.  🙂

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Recently, I was able to attend the Institute of Food Technologists meeting in Las Vegas.  I love going to this conference.  The keynote speaker this year was Howard Shultz, Starbucks President, CEO and Chairman.  Mr. Shultz talked about how important innovation is to a company, but how the people within the company are absolutely the most important component of success.  He also spoke about what Starbucks is doing to improve the communities around the stores.  They are selling wristbands for $5 where the proceeds are going to community banks to fund small business loans.  I thought that was great!

The convention also included a Scientific Program with several sessions.  I attended sessions that had to do with sustainability, formulating for health, food allergen minimization, and culinology (the combination of Food Science and Culinary Arts).  I was also able to attend an energizing workshop on strategic leadership.

The best feature of the convention is the Food Show.  Here, vendors and suppliers are able to showcase their new products.  I got to taste quite a few new things.  One vendor even brought in a food truck to prep their samples!  top trends on the show floor this year had to do with sodium reduction, gluten free products, probiotics and fiber.  I can’t wait to start playing with all the ingredient samples that will be coming in the next few weeks.

This is just a small peek into being a Food Scientist/Technologist.  For more information, you can visit the Institute of Food Technologists at  Be sure to check out their fun videos on YouTube!

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.  Have a great week!


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