Workplace and Neighbor Gifts, 2012


T’was the week before Christmas,

And all through the home,

Not a single gift was wrapped,

Not even the phone!

The stockings weren’t hung by the chimney with care.

Why? I knew St. Nicholas wouldn’t be there.

For Christmas, you see, we must drive away.

So we can spend time with family

On Christmas Day.

As long as we get there,

Everything’s just fine.

So sit back, relax,

Have another glass of wine…

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Well, that explains it all right.  I didn’t have one single gift wrapped prior to Saturday.  Normally, I have cards sent out, the tree up, and gifts wrapped and ready to go by the first week in December.  But this hasn’t been a ‘normal’ year.

It’s funny how this time of year really makes you look back and appreciate all the blessings that have happened.  I am thankful my husband and I are living in the same house again (we spent 18 months living a 5-hour drive apart due to job relocation), and we are thankful for our health and the health of our families.

I am thankful I am in my 30’s and still have a grandma to hug tight when I go home to visit.  And I am also grateful that at 86 years old, she still wears me out!  🙂

I am thankful my mother is my best friend.  She has always been there for me, even when I didn’t deserve it.  It’s funny how when you get older, you realize your parents really DID know what they were talking about.

I am also thankful to have such wonderful coworkers and neighbors.  This year, I put together three gift baskets to hand out.

For those that cook, but don’t love sweets, I made a gift basket that included a large soup mug, dry soup mix, and a cloth napkin.  I got the soup mugs at the craft store for $1, the dry soup mix at World Market, and the napkin at the dollar store.  I wrapped it all in clear cellophane with a bright red tag that said, “Warm Wishes this Holiday Season”.

For those that cook and love sweets, I made a little scone gift basket.  I got wooden spoons and glass bowls from the dollar store, and different flavors of scone mixes from World Market.  I wrapped them in cellophane with the same “Warm Wishes” tag.  We tried out a scone mix over the weekend– had to make sure they were good before we gave them to anyone else, you know.  They were FANTASTIC!  And SO EASY.  All they require is a little water, a brief stir, and a 12 minute bake.  Yum!

For those that don’t cook, I made tiny little baskets that contained a manicure set, Christmas socks, nail polish, and a large emery board.  I got the manicure sets and nail polish at Ulta (on sale), and the socks and emery boards at the dollar store.  I bought the cute baskets at World Market on clearance for $0.50. The baskets were wrapped in cellophane with a tag that read, “For Your Mistle-Toes!”.

I just love giving this time of year.  What creative things do you love to give out to friends and neighbors?

Wishing you and yours the BEST this Christmas!


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