Belly Bump Update (weeks 14, 15, and 16)

14wkbump 15wkbump 16wkbump.jpg

The babies are growing!  I’ve noticed that my appetite has been increasing over the last week or so.  I’m hungry all the time!  Thank goodness my cravings have been mostly for healthy things.  😉

Tobie insisted on being in the last photo.  Every time Ty gets the phone out to snap a pic of me, Tobie is usually at my feet.  This time, he jumped up and wouldn’t stop.  Silly doggie!

I also had to get one of those grabber/ reaching tools so I could get my laundry out of our front loading machines.  Sure helps a lot not to have to bend over so far or get on my hands and knees (and yell for my husband to help me get back up).

Looking forward to my doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  Hoping for healthy babies and a healthy mamma!  Also, looking forward to November 15th.  That’s when we will find out the genders of our little ones.  My Mom and Grandma are coming to the ultrasound with us.  Hooray!


2 responses to “Belly Bump Update (weeks 14, 15, and 16)

  1. diaryofamadcrafter

    Ohhh yayayayay!! I didn’t know the good news! 🙂 congrats!! 🙂 so did you find out the genders?!

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