Belly Bump Update (weeks 21-24)

21wkbump 22wkbump 23wkbump.jpg 24wkbump

Goodness, we’ve grown a lot this month!  Babies and momma are doing great.  I’ve had constant heartburn over the last month, and finally talked to my doctor about it.  TUMS just weren’t cutting it anymore!  My doctor put me on Pepcid A/C, and it’s been a LIFE SAVER!  No more waking up every couple of ours during the night just to take a few more TUMS.  Yay!


We are now going to have ultrasounds every 4 weeks to monitor the babies growth.  This photo was taken on 24 weeks, 6 days.  My little ones were conspiring!  Baby A is my sweet baby boy Aidan (he’s closest to the cervix) and Baby B is my sweet baby girl Nadia.  In this picture, you can see them whispering to each other (the things that look like grapefruits are their heads).

Aidan sat his little bum right on top of my cervix and refused to move.  As soon as that wand came out, my little kicking man hunched himself into a little ball and wouldn’t move.  That made getting his measurements easy, but not so easy to measure the cervix or placental position in relation to the cervix.  Aidan’s placenta is pretty low- not covering the cervix, but very close to it.  We’re hoping that as my belly grows, his placenta will move up and Aidan will decide he doesn’t want to be breech.

Once the sonographer was done taking Aidan’s measurements, it was Nadia’s turn.  She was such a little stinker.  Just when the sonographer was ready to take the pic, my little girl would wiggle, roll, or turn her head.  It took a little more time, but we got all the measurements we needed.   Nadia is currently transverse (sideways) stretching from my right side to my left.

The results were pretty good.  Typically, babies at this point are around 1.5 lbs.  They estimated Aidan to be 1.7 pounds and Nadia to be 1.4 lbs.  She’s always been just a couple days behind her brother.  As long as they continue to grow, all is good!

Thanks for checking in on us this month!  The next time I post, it will be a whole new year.  Crazy!!


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