Belly Bump Update (weeks 25-28)

25wkbump 26wkbump 27wkbump 28wkbump

Babies are growing fast!  My belly has been growing by 1/2″ per week for a while now.  And we made it to the 3rd Trimester!  Yippee!!

I am now on an iron supplement due to being anemic– my doctor says this is pretty common in pregnancy, especially when there are two babies taking your iron to make their red blood cells.  Let’s get those numbers back up!

I failed the 1 hr glucose test at the doctors office and had to go to the hospital lab for the 3 hour test.  I took the 3 hour test a few years ago and was MISERABLE- naseous, jittery, shaky, and cold.  This time, things went much more smoothly.  The hospital lab gave me my own little room with the most AWESOME chair!  It was shaped perfectly for a nap while keeping your legs up to keep the swelling down.  I did take a pretty long nap, did some reading, and caught up with some friends on facebook.  No jitters, shaking, or cold!  I only felt nauseous for about 5 minutes after drinking the ‘stuff’, then I was fine.  Haven’t heard back on any test results yet, but the doc said they wouldn’t call unless I didn’t pass.  I’m still going to call tomorrow if I don’t hear from them.  I have to know for sure!

Babies REALLY started moving on week 28.  Constantly.  Almost 24/7!  I get a break at night after taking a bath until about 3:30 am or so when I have to get up to empty my bladder.  Then its dance time again!  The good thing is that they still aren’t big enough for their kicks and rolls to hurt, so I find it comforting to feel the babies moving at night and can easily go back to sleep.  Counting my blessings- I’m sure this won’t be the case in a few more weeks!

Another new symptom that popped up this month- swelling ankles and hands.  I can’t wear my wedding ring anymore, and have to put my feet up after only about 5 mins.  I have cankles.  Fun.

Baby registries are updated, nursery is organized, and things are coming together.  I’m going to wait a few weeks to pack my hospital bag and insist that the car seat bases are installed in the car.  😀


2 responses to “Belly Bump Update (weeks 25-28)

  1. The names are cleverly cute. 🙂 Congrats!!

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