Pizza Casserole


I love pizza.  It’s comforting, crunchy, salty, gooey, and warm.  Perfect for a winter’s day!  Sometimes, I just don’t feel like making a crust.  When I don’t have ingredients on hand and those cans/bottles of pasta sauce and that pound of hamburger really needs to get used up, I throw this dish together.  It really is great.  Like your favorite pizza in a new fun format.  Ty likes his with pepperoni, hamburger, olives and mushrooms.  But really, any pizza topping you like will do.  Plus, you can be sneaky and hide extra veggies in there without telling anyone.  😉

This recipe also freezes well.  Just thaw in the fridge overnight and add a few minutes to the baking time.  Might WILL make a few more of these in smaller pans and freeze them for when the babies come.

Pizza Casserole

  • 16 oz. pasta (I like rotini, penne, or macaroni)
  • 1 lb lean hamburger (we used 90% lean)
  • 2 jars/cans favorite pasta sauce
  • 8 oz. mushrooms, sliced thin
  • 1/2 can black olives, sliced
  • package pepperoni
  • 3 cups shredded mozzarella, divided
  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.  Spray a 9″ x 13″ pan or 2 8″ x 8″ pans with nonstick cooking spray.  Set aside.
  2. Cook pasta according to directions, but cooking a minute short of al dente.  Drain well.
  3. Meanwhile, brown the hamburger in a skillet.  Crumble into a large bowl.
  4. Add pasta sauce, olives, mushrooms, 2 cups shredded cheese, 3/4 of the package of pepperoni, and pasta to the bowl.  Stir well.
  5. Pour pasta mixture into prepared casserole dish(es).  Sprinkle the top with remaining cheese and top with pepperoni.
  6. Bake about 45 to 60 minutes, or until casserole is bubbling, cheese on top is browned, and pepperoni is crisp.
  7. Let stand about 5 minutes before dishing out.  Enjoy!!


– Try Canadian bacon, pineapple, and green bell peppers.  It’s great!


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