About Me

Josie Cooks! is my way of sharing recipes with friends and family.  I consider it my online cookbook.  I hope you enjoy the recipes!  Many are my own, but if I get the recipe from another source, I will ALWAYS give credit where credit is due.

I am a busy Food Scientist and Certified Culinary Scientist.  I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Cook smart! 🙂


One response to “About Me

  1. Hi Josie, I just came across your blog (I’m a lover of Green Chili & saw your post) and here you are on WP, too! I couldn’t tear myself away, lol, and it’s late!! But anyway, I had to follow and thought I’d invite you to join in on one of link parties – it’s just a way to connect a bit with other bloggers & maybe just show off a bit. 🙂 It’s called Throwback Thursday and goes live every Thursday around 6 pm and you can link up until the following Tuesday.

    Come to my blog and check it out if you’re interested.


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