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The Candwich– A Review

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So, I posted a photo a few weeks ago to my facebook account about something that I found to be absolutely horrifying.  The Candwich.  Yep.  A sandwich in a can- bread and everything.  I got a lot of flack for not actually trying it.  Well, flackers be gone!  I tried it.

Nutritionally, its fairly high in fat and sodium.  REALLY high in sodium, actually.  But they have to do something to keep the micro bugs from growing. It’s just a food safety fact.  Low moisture, high salt foods store better.

The ingredients:  65 different ones.  65!  Holy moly!  That’s a lot!  There were a lot of preservatives in there.  Again, you have to do something to keep the micro bugs from growing.

The assessment:  If you went camping and only packed enough food for 3 days, then got stuck out in the middle of the woods with no cell signal and no way to gather food from the woods, then by day 7 or 8, you might enjoy the Candwich.  The bread was incredibly dry and had the texture of the sponges people use to do their dishes.  The texture of the filling wasn’t that great– like chewed up BBQ chicken.  The flavor honestly wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.  I just can’t get over the texture.

Would I buy it again?  Well, I didn’t buy this one.  A coworker did.  And I definitely won’t buy another one.

So, unless there is a zombie apocalypse, you won’t see me eating a Candwich.  😉

Please note:  This is just my opinion.  I’m sure The Candwich is perfectly safe for consumption.  Some people may even like it.  It’s just not for me.


Picnik– the new photo obsession

I’ve discovered a wonderful new tool.  It’s called picnik and it helps your photos go from drab to FAB!  Here are a few touched up pics of my furry babies…

Mr. Tobie on the couch.
Ralfie snoozing on the other couch.
Charlie and Mocha in the SAME PICTURE!!  Plus, Charlie is doing his ‘sitting like a human’ trick. 
I had fun playing this afternoon.  Now that my brain is refreshed, time to get back to work!