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Belly Bump Update (weeks 33 to 36)

33wkbump 34wkbump 35wkbump 36wkbump

This was a month full of fun!  As you can see from the photos, the belly is growing double-time!  By week 36, my belly is beginning to drop.  Getting closer!

At 33 weeks, we had another growth scan.  Our little Aidan was FINALLY ready to show us his profile.  Little stinker!  First, he showed us his cute little nose and his lips…


And here is his handsome profile.  If you look closely, you can see that he has his little nose pressed up against the membrane that separates him from Nadia.


And, yes, our little ones are still breech, and are still sitting with their heads together.  My goodness, they like to conspire!


Babies were estimated to be 4.0 lbs (Aidan) and 3.6 lbs (Nadia).

We started going in for Nonstress Tests (NSTs) this month at 32 weeks.  Every week, we went in to the hospital and 3 monitors were placed on my belly.  One for Aidan’s heartbeat, one for Nadia’s heartbeat, and one to check for contractions.

Our first couple of weeks went very well.  They are looking for the babies’ heartbeats to accelerate at least 15 beats for 15 seconds.  Both babies passed with flying colors weeks 33 through 34…

Then week 35 happened.  Nadia quit behaving.  She didn’t want to accelerate no matter what they did to her.  When babies are not quite responding to Mom nudging them from the outside, the nurse brings in a little instrument that buzzes them.  She didn’t want to wake up for that, either!  Luckily, she barely passed.  My doctor decided to increase the frequency of the NSTs, so then we went in every 3-4 days.

The next NST, Nadia FAILED.  Our one hour appointment turned into a 5 hour hospital visit.  We were taken down to Ultrasound and a Biophysical Profile (BPP) was performed.  Each baby had 30 minutes to practice breathing 3 times, make 3 tonal (flexing) movements, and 2 gross (big) movements.  Both babies passed this test.

A few days later, Nadia failed again.  The doctor ordered a high level ultrasound at 36 weeks to try and determine what was going on.  In this ultrasound, they did the BPP again, measured bloodflow, and took growth measurements.  Aidan was estimated to be 5.1 lbs, but Nadia was only estimated to be 4.1 lbs.  The scans also showed that the bloodflow from her placenta was restricted.  We continued testing every few days, and the doctor put me on orders to only work from home so I was closer to the hospital if I noticed the kiddos weren’t moving as much.  I was also told to be prepared in case we had to do an emergency delivery to get Nadia out.

Thankfully, working from home seemed to do the trick!  With less stress, Nadia began to perk up and is now passing her NSTs.  She doesn’t have a lot of belly fat, so we have to be prepared for her to spend a little time in the NICU while her body learns to regulate blood sugars and temperature.

Most twins are born between weeks 33 and 35.  Here we are at 36+ and still cooking!  My doctor scheduled a C-Section for us on Thursday, March 20th, when I am 38 weeks.  That’s the plan as long as babies don’t decide to come before then!  We are praying they are a bit more patient, and that Miss Nadia decides to pack on some baby fat between now and then. 🙂


Belly Bump Update (weeks 25-28)

25wkbump 26wkbump 27wkbump 28wkbump

Babies are growing fast!  My belly has been growing by 1/2″ per week for a while now.  And we made it to the 3rd Trimester!  Yippee!!

I am now on an iron supplement due to being anemic– my doctor says this is pretty common in pregnancy, especially when there are two babies taking your iron to make their red blood cells.  Let’s get those numbers back up!

I failed the 1 hr glucose test at the doctors office and had to go to the hospital lab for the 3 hour test.  I took the 3 hour test a few years ago and was MISERABLE- naseous, jittery, shaky, and cold.  This time, things went much more smoothly.  The hospital lab gave me my own little room with the most AWESOME chair!  It was shaped perfectly for a nap while keeping your legs up to keep the swelling down.  I did take a pretty long nap, did some reading, and caught up with some friends on facebook.  No jitters, shaking, or cold!  I only felt nauseous for about 5 minutes after drinking the ‘stuff’, then I was fine.  Haven’t heard back on any test results yet, but the doc said they wouldn’t call unless I didn’t pass.  I’m still going to call tomorrow if I don’t hear from them.  I have to know for sure!

Babies REALLY started moving on week 28.  Constantly.  Almost 24/7!  I get a break at night after taking a bath until about 3:30 am or so when I have to get up to empty my bladder.  Then its dance time again!  The good thing is that they still aren’t big enough for their kicks and rolls to hurt, so I find it comforting to feel the babies moving at night and can easily go back to sleep.  Counting my blessings- I’m sure this won’t be the case in a few more weeks!

Another new symptom that popped up this month- swelling ankles and hands.  I can’t wear my wedding ring anymore, and have to put my feet up after only about 5 mins.  I have cankles.  Fun.

Baby registries are updated, nursery is organized, and things are coming together.  I’m going to wait a few weeks to pack my hospital bag and insist that the car seat bases are installed in the car.  😀

Belly Bump Update (weeks 21-24)

21wkbump 22wkbump 23wkbump.jpg 24wkbump

Goodness, we’ve grown a lot this month!  Babies and momma are doing great.  I’ve had constant heartburn over the last month, and finally talked to my doctor about it.  TUMS just weren’t cutting it anymore!  My doctor put me on Pepcid A/C, and it’s been a LIFE SAVER!  No more waking up every couple of ours during the night just to take a few more TUMS.  Yay!


We are now going to have ultrasounds every 4 weeks to monitor the babies growth.  This photo was taken on 24 weeks, 6 days.  My little ones were conspiring!  Baby A is my sweet baby boy Aidan (he’s closest to the cervix) and Baby B is my sweet baby girl Nadia.  In this picture, you can see them whispering to each other (the things that look like grapefruits are their heads).

Aidan sat his little bum right on top of my cervix and refused to move.  As soon as that wand came out, my little kicking man hunched himself into a little ball and wouldn’t move.  That made getting his measurements easy, but not so easy to measure the cervix or placental position in relation to the cervix.  Aidan’s placenta is pretty low- not covering the cervix, but very close to it.  We’re hoping that as my belly grows, his placenta will move up and Aidan will decide he doesn’t want to be breech.

Once the sonographer was done taking Aidan’s measurements, it was Nadia’s turn.  She was such a little stinker.  Just when the sonographer was ready to take the pic, my little girl would wiggle, roll, or turn her head.  It took a little more time, but we got all the measurements we needed.   Nadia is currently transverse (sideways) stretching from my right side to my left.

The results were pretty good.  Typically, babies at this point are around 1.5 lbs.  They estimated Aidan to be 1.7 pounds and Nadia to be 1.4 lbs.  She’s always been just a couple days behind her brother.  As long as they continue to grow, all is good!

Thanks for checking in on us this month!  The next time I post, it will be a whole new year.  Crazy!!

Belly Bump Update (weeks 17-20)

17wkbump 18wkbump 19wkbump 20wk bump

We cannot believe how incredibly blessed we are to have both a baby boy and a baby girl!  Everyone is healthy and doing well.

I am feeling more and more of my little ones.  Lots of little twinges and nudges throughout the day and mostly at night.  Love that feeling!  I’m enjoying it now while they’re still small enough not to hurt.  Ha! 😀

Did you notice the names are palindromes?  A-I-D-A-N <—-> N-A-D-I-A    Cool, eh?  I mentioned to my parents that we liked Aidan for a boy, and my Dad called the next day saying that Aidan spelled backwards was Nadia.  The more we thought about it, the more we liked it!  Rae is after my husband’s father and Dawn is after my dad.

More updates next month!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Belly bump update


Gosh, those little stinkers are growing!  I couldn’t believe how much my belly had grown until I saw these two pics side by side.  🙂

I went in for my first OB appointment last Tuesday.  Everything looks great!  The heartbeats made me smile.  She also did a quick ultrasound to take a peek.  Those silly babies were practicing their Zumba skills– spinning, waving, kicking, and doing somersaults.  They moved so much she couldn’t get a picture!

Definitely all the way into maternity clothes now.  They’re so comfy!!  I had a pretty bad cold last week, but I’m getting over it now.  Benedryl was the only thing I could take to help me breathe.  Thank goodness it worked, but it made me pretty tired.  Even more so than the preggo-tired feeling.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Have a great week!